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What is first aid?
  • the initial care of the ill or injured.
The aims of first aid
First aid aims to :
  • promote a safe environment
  • preserve life
  • prevent injury or illness from becoming worse
  • help promote recovery
  • protect the unconscious
  • reassure the ill or injured.
The first aider aims to prevent :
  • further danger to himself, others or the casualty
  • the casualty dying
  • the casualty's condition becoming worse
  • delay in the casualty's recovery
  • any harmful intervention.
What is medical aid?
  • treatment by a doctor, registered nurse or ambulance officer.
First aid begin when the first aider arrives at the scene of an incident, and continues until the casualty recovers, or medical aid arrives. The first aider may be required to remain and assist.
How to seek medical aid
If possible, send someone elso to seek medical aid immediately. Do not leave the casualty. However, if you are alone at the scene of an incident, and ir is unlikely that anyone will arrive for sometime, you will need to leave the casualty and seek help as soon as possible.
Message should be brief. You should confirm that they are understood. State your telephone number, the exact place with directions, the time and nature of the incident. Give the number of casualties with an indecation of their condition. Ask the likely time to arrival of aid.


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