First Aid remain one of the important of all life's skill.The simple yet essential skills to preverse life in an emergency, to protect a casualty and to hasten the healing of wounds, are skills which no parent, partner, motorist or workmate can do without. Acute illness and sudden injury have no respect for age or status, or place or time. It is thus one of the imperatives of modern livingto'do the right thing' by those around us.First aid is one vehicle by which these important skills can be achieve.First aid is a practical subject. The approach to helping the victims of injury and illness depends on a firm practical foundation of beingable to make a diagnosis, and to commence management as a trus ' hands-on' skill.The first aid in these pages will take you through these points, together with a minimal theoretical component, to help you understand what you are doing. The steps in management of a wide variety of important illnesses and injuries have been simplified in this text, and every attempt has been made to ensure that the subject material isrelevant tp everyday life.Want to find out more about first aid??? Just click the link below.




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