Board Of Directors 1997/98 RCS SAS


Our school, St.Andrew Secondary School's RCS (Red Crescent Society) has been active for more than 2 decades since it was founded way back in the 70s . So, we (1997/98 B.O.Ds) had been thinking of a way to promote ourselve both locally and internationally.And at that time, a few of the B.O.Ds have been connected to the net so, no reason for us to waste the wonders of modern technology. We bet the old B.O.Ds should be proud of us now ! Anyway, this year (1997/98) B.O.Ds are made up of 13 persons.We'll be retiring this year and give way to our junior as well be facing our BIG exam come this December and that's our SPM or "A" level. Basically, we're quite whacky & crazy but still can get things done although often at the vary last minute.Sometimes, we also "eat snake" (which means lazing off while on a job in chinese) :) . But we possess a very high spirit of togetherness & co-operation.........ok, ok, not so HIGH spirit but if still counts. Our favourite past time?........Well, first aiding of course....& also helping anyone who we think deserves our help. Guess what, other than the far padtime mention above, we still have another one...& that's going after girls from other societies like Renjers & Girl Guide. And this small corner of the world where we live on....Muar, it's a small.peaceful town located at the mouth of Muar River. Fascinatingly, Muar also played a part in the history as the place where Parameswara, the Sultan of Malacca set foot on before proceeding up north to Malacca. And what even interesting is, no,...tell you what, if you want to hear more from us, please don't hesitate to send us a mail at or join our channel at #RCSSAS in Dalnet. But do take note that we (B.O.Ds) might not always be in our channel all the time. Well, hope to hear from all of you soon, no matter near or far...See ya !:)



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