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The Red Crescent Society’s new logo looks plain yet striking at first glance. But there’s more than meets the eye. We consider ourselves (the society’s members) as young and vibrant. We tend to perceive things thoroughly with creativity and innovativity but keep a solid barrier as not to let imaginations run wild.
Bearing this in mind, we made sure that the next new logo should be artistic yet simple and meaningful. The whole structure of the logo consists mainly of a crescent, the letter R and S, the acronym for ‘Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah’ (PBSM), a cursive form of the name St. Andrews and two streaks of the colour red and black running down the whole length of any thing this logo is set on.
We tried to make sure that every component on our logo is meaningful. The Red Crescent has always been known as our society’s emblem throughout the whole world. The capital letter R and S together with the crescent spells our society’s English acronym RCS. Anyone would have noticed that whenever the black bold letters of R and S overlaps the crescent, the overlapping portions turns white. From this point of perception, we can say that the colour black means negativity; yet whenever it meets our society (portrayed by the crescent, of course) everything turns to the bright side.
The other way we tried to project the key features of our society is through the two lines of colour. The colour black here is seen as a hard, dead and ‘unfeeling’ hue, which seems to suggest firmness and strength. Therefore we concluded that this colour should stand for solidity and unity. The other colour, red; which is vibrant, eye-catching and powerful gave us the inkling that it should depict our eveready soul that is and will be forever alive in order to reach our simple philantrophic goal and that is to bring peace to every mortal that stands on the face of the earth. Therefore the colour red means alertness and the conquest in fullfilling our supreme objective.
There is also a thin white line that separates the two bigger lines. This boundary stands for truthfullness and the loyalty of our hearts in order to bring the two features into one wholesome objective to eleviate the sufferings of mankind. And as long as the band of colours run, so will we keep on continuing our ‘job’ in making this world a better place, forever!



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