• Anual campfire 1997

More than 300 people from Muar district as well as Malacca participanted in this anual event. The event were carried out successfully.


  • Anual Camping 1997

Anual camping were carried out on 26.12.98 and more than 40 members participanted in this anual camping.



  • 50 years - Malaysian Red Crescent Society

The year 1998 marks 50 years of humanitarian services by the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement in Malaysia. For more information, click here.


  • New Board Of Director of 1998/99

The Annual General Meeting had beeen held on 22 April 1998. The old B.O.Ds will be retired soon as the government examination ( SPM ) is just around the corner.The new B.O.Ds are consisting of 17 people who is dutied to bring our Society to a new period.


  • Our new logo and mascot

The new logo and mascot of Red Crescent Society of Saint Andrew School has been released. The new logo and mascot were created by John Kerk Sze Yen and Ng Chyi Ngee who is the Vice Secretary of RCS SAS.


  • Anual Campfire 1998

Our anual campfire with the theme (A legacy resurrected) is .More than 15 schools of Red Crescent Society members, boys scout, renjers and others uniform society from local district and outstation ( Malacca) were invited to this anual function.


  • Lauching of the Homepage of RCS SAS

Our hompage is officially lauching by our principal Mr. Fan Nong Shin on 19 September 1998 in conjunction of our anual campfire ( A Legacy Resurrected ).


  • Anual Camping 1998

Our anual camping were carried out from 27.12.1998 to 31.12.1998. More than 40 members participated in this anual camping.


  • Our achievement

Currently, we participated in (Pertandingan Kemahiran antara pasukan uniform di Muar) and we won 3 title. There are champion in Cooking (memasak) ,Model Tower and (ikatan). Congratulation to all winners! Go RCS SAS !



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