Our mascot


The artwork looks very much like the logo except that here, our mascot The Phoenix is brought in. The Phoenix is a mythical bird that lives in the Arabian Desert. According to a legend, the Phoenix will live in the desert for 500 years before consuming itself into fire; and out of the ashes will spring a new young Phoenix, alive and supreme again. In the mythology of ancient Egypt, the Phoenix represented the sun, which dies at night is reborn in the morning.
This bountiful idea of the Phoenix gave us the idea to adopt a Phoenix as our mascot with a little difference. There are a few alternative ways to describe the logo. The first one is that the Phoenix is a bird that arises from the flames in order to help realize the Red Crescent Society’s Members Dreams. The other one is after the fire has burned down mankind through disasters’ we (the Phoenix) shall spring up from the collapsing humans to aid the others. The third description about the artwork is that the Phoenix will always arise whenever there are sufferings (depicted by the flames) but no matter what happens, our members will still carry on helping anyone in need and not succumb to any problems (depicted by the flames that fail to burn down the crescent).
We always think of our artwork as the third description because it is really what we hope to be able to achieve deep down our hearts.



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